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June 2018

Holiday Safety Tips

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While out and about

  • Do not drink and drive!
  • Make sure purses and wallets are secure on your person.
  • Limit the number of credit cards and cash carried with you.
  • Do not leave valuable items visible – store them in the trunk.
  • Park in areas where there is adequate lighting.
  • Remain aware of your surroundings and refrain from shopping alone.
  • Have keys ready before getting to your car.
  • Report suspicious people or activity to law enforcement immediately!

Preparing home before vacation travel

  • Make sure all doors and windows are locked, even if you have an alarm system.
  • Activate alarm system and motion detectors when you leave home.
  • Make arrangements to hold mail and newspaper delivery.
  • Ask a trusted friend or neighbor to tend to your home during your absence.

The Illinois Sheriffs’ Association wishes you a Safe and Happy Holidays!

Travel Safety Tips

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  • Do not advertise your absence.
  • Do your homework and have well-defined plans and use reliable travel resources.
  • Share your daily travel plans and emergency contact information with select people.
  • Contact home on a regularly scheduled basis.
  • Restrict cash and valuables in your possession and keep them properly concealed.
  • Carry no more than two credit cards.
  • Properly list and label any medications and make certain they are secure and accessible.
  • Be mindful of crime areas like restrooms, baggage claim, check-in, shuttles, curbside, etc.
  • Wait until your return before sharing travel experiences through social media.
  • If possible, stay with your travel partner or group during daily activities.
  • Be mindful of your surroundings and avoid unlit or desolate areas.
  • Limit the amount of personal information shared with strangers.

                                                In case of Emergency: Dial 911

New Laws for 2017

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Nearly 200 new laws took effect in January 2017, which cover many topics, including law enforcement and our youth. The following are a few examples of new laws that that impact criminal justice process and procedure.

  • There is a new requirement for Illinois jails to accept cash for those posting bail. The new law was inspired by a Rockford-area resident whose son was arrested, yet the father could not post bail due to the credit card machine being out of order at the time. Subsequently, the son had to spend the weekend in jail.
  • The Illinois statute of limitations is extended from two years to five years for wrongful death lawsuits. This has been referred to as “Molly’s Law,” after Molly Young, a Carbondale resident was found shot to death in 2012 in her ex-boyfriend’s apartment. A special prosecutor could not determine whether the exact cause of death and it took too long to produce public records for the father to take civil action.
  • Anyone younger than 15 cannot be interrogated without an attorney present during the investigation of serious crimes. The age was previously 13.
  • Also, people charged or arrested for an incident occurring before their 18th birthday can petition the court to expunge the records. The Illinois Juvenile Justice Commission pushed for the changes, saying mistakes made as a youth can limit access to employment, housing and education.

The Illinois Sheriffs’ Association continues to monitor and promote laws that help keep families safe and create positive change.

Is Your Home Safe

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We know that keeping your family and property safe are among your biggest priorities. The annual rate for burglary in Illinois is about 50,000 cases per year with another near 200,000 relating to theft in general.

Here are some practical ways to securing your home and family against break-ins and other property crime.

  • Make sure all doors and windows are locked
  • Keep the inside and outside of your home well-lit with motion sensor lights and/or lights running off timers when you are not at home
  • Use an active, working alarm while you are away or at sleep
  • Use signs outside the house that let burglars know the home is protected by an alarm system
  • Keep your valuables out of sight
  • Make sure all drapes and blinds closed, especially when away at work or on vacation
  • Keep ladders and other tools that can be used by burglars stored away
  • Let your trusted neighbors know when you will be away on vacation so they can keep an eye on your home and property

We urge you to take note of these helpful tips. And remember, if you see any suspicious activity either at your home or someone else’s, do not hesitate to call 911.