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Who We Are

The Illinois Sheriffs’ Association was founded in 1928. Initially, its purpose was to create better communication and cooperation between Sheriffs and encourage more professional training and growth. Over the years, the ISA has expanded its goals and objectives to include training and development for Sheriffs and their support teams.

The Association also realized that today’s youth hold the key to society’s future. So the ISA decided to encourage youth by supporting and creating various civic and youth-oriented programs. Through community outreach and the monetary support of its various memberships, the ISA continues to strengthen several important initiatives for our youth.

Keeping lives safe and the well-being of our children are two of the most important investments we can make. Our sincere thanks for the commitment of our men and women in uniform along with the loyal support of citizens and businesses throughout Illinois. Together, we are making significant progress!

2018 Service Award Winners

Honoring those with great courage, commitment, and sacrifice.

Co-Deputies of the Year:

On September 24, 2018 at approximately 2:07 p.m. the Bond County Sheriffs Dispatch received a 911 call of a stabbing in progress. Deputy Jared Jolliff immediately responded to the address. While in route, Deputy Jolliff was flagged down and told that the victim had run into his house and the suspect had chased her in with a knife. Deputy Jolliff approached the door and drew his firearm. He was able to push the door open with his foot and announced himself. The male subject was brandishing a knife and had blood on his clothing and hands. The female victim was screaming that she had been stabbed and needed help. Deputy Jolliff ordered the suspect to drop the knife and he complied. Deputy Aaron Griffith then arrived and as they were restraining the suspect he tried to escape the home, but the Deputies were able to catch and restrain him even as he continued to resist and be combative.Thanks to the quick response and bravery of these two Deputies, I am sure the victim was saved from further harm or even death. I am proud to award Deputies Jared Jolliff and Aaron Griffith with the 2018 Deputy of the Year award.Sheriff Jim Leitschuh, Bond CountyMarion County Sgt. Kevin Cripps responded to a call on September 8, 2018 on Seavers Road at Skillet Fork Creek. There were five (5) teenagers in the floodwaters and the water current was very strong. Sgt. Cripps decided that the teens needed to be rescued immediately and he, along with Firefighter Trevor White entered the water. The first group of four (4) teenagers were brought to the bank safely but a fifth teen was clinging to a tree 100-200 feet away. Half-way to the teen, Sgt. Cripps acted as an anchor for Firefighter White to continue on and reach the child. Sgt. Cripps had put lifejackets and rope in his squad just that morning and the two used those supplies to safely extract the teen from the water. Although wet and cold, none of the teenagers needed hospital care.Due to the quick actions and bravery of Sgt. Cripps five (5) teenagers were able to return home that evening, unharmed. I was very proud to present Sgt. Kevin Cripps the 2018 Deputy of the Year award.Sheriff Rich Stevenson, Marion County

Co-Deputies of the Year

Kevin Cripps, Marion Co., Jared Jollif & Aaron Griffith, Bond Co.

On 9-24-18 Deputy Jared Jolliff and Deputy Aaron Griffith responded to a call of a possible stabbing In progress. Both Deputies responded, disarmed the male subject. Three victims were stabbed inside the residence. They were later treated and release from the local hospital. The quick action of these two Deputies limited any further injuries and or death to the public.

Telecommuter of the Year

Dionne Dawson, Lake County

Sheriff John D. Idleburg is pleased to announce Correctional Officer Dionne Dawson was selected ‘Correctional Officer of the Year” by the Illinois Sheriff’s Association.CO Dawson began her career with the Lake County Sheriff’s Office in October of 2010. She is highly enthusiastic, motivated, and frequently seeks additional responsibilities. CO Dawson has been trained in every area of the correctional facility and performs exceptionally well in all areas. She actively seeks training opportunities and imparts her knowledge to her peers. She is a Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Member, Naloxone Certified, and an instructor of Inter-Personal Communication Skills (IPC).On January 24, 2018, CO Dawson volunteered to take part in the 2018 Point-in-Time Homeless Count. She along with other volunteers searched for, interviewed, and aided unsheltered people experiencing homelessness in Lake County. She helped document the needs of Lake County communities and connected people in need with services which could be of assistance.On July 12, 2018, while assigned as an internal-transport officer, CO Dawson was called to the jail reception area to process a subject who was self-surrendering on an arrest warrant. When CO Dawson arrived, she saw the subject on the floor, face-down, and unresponsive. The person was hardly breathing. CO Dawson recognized the signs and symptoms of an opioid overdose. She immediately called a medical emergency and requested Naloxone to the scene. CO Dawson administered three doses of Naloxone with no positive response. A fourth dose of Naloxone was administered, and the person became responsive. The subject was taken to the hospital for further treatment and there’s no doubt she survived because of CO Dawson’s life-saving efforts.CO Dawson was honored on February 4, 2019, as ‘Correctional Officer of the Year’ at the Illinois Sheriff’s Association banquet held in East Peoria. Sheriff John Idleburg said, “I couldn’t be prouder of Correctional Officer Dawson’s dedication and willingness to serve the people of Lake County. CO Dawson comes to work every day with a terrific attitude, takes great pride in helping others, and frequently goes above and beyond. Congratulations CO Dawson on being named Correctional Officer of the Year!”

Correctional Officer of the Year

Dionne Dawson, Lake County

Medal of Valor

Mark Dallas, Dixon Police Department

On May 16, 2018 at 8:06 a.m., the Dixon Police Department received a report of an “Active Shooter” at the Dixon High School. The information was transmitted by the Dixon High School Resource Officer, Mark Dallas.Officer Dallas was able to inform the responding officers that the suspect had fired several shots near the west gymnasium. At the time of the shots being fired, Officer Dallas was in the Athletic Director’s Office, which was in close proximity to the gymnasium. At that point, Officer Dallas exited the office and confronted the suspect. When confronted, the suspect exited the school and began running westbound on Armory Drive. Officer Dallas pursued the suspect. During the pursuit, the suspect turned and fired several rounds towards Officer Dallas. Officer Dallas returned fire and struck the suspect. Shortly thereafter, the suspect was taken into custody just west of the Dixon High School by Lee County Sheriff’s Deputies and Officer Dallas. The suspect was transported to the local hospital and received medical attention for non-life threatening injuries.From the first shots fired by the suspect, to the time he was taken into custody, took only one minute and thirty seconds. Because of Officer Dallas’ heroic actions, countless lives were saved.I was very proud to have had the opportunity to present this award to Officer Dallas.John Simonton – Lee County Sheriff

Medal of Valor

Mark Dallas, Dixon Police Department

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