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2023 Illinois Sheriffs Service Award Winners

Honoring those with great courage, commitment, and sacrifice.

2023 Deputy of the Year

2023 Ogle County Deputy of the YearLife Saving –On January 27th, 2023, at 6:14pm Deputy Kyle White heard an ambulance dispatched to an address in rural Rochelle for an infant who was not breathing. Deputy White, who was in the area, responded to the residence, realizing he would arrive before EMS. Upon arrival, Deputy White quickly assessed 3-month-old Wyatt Thompson, and utilizing his training, performed back blows that ultimately resulted in opening Wyatt's airway.Lt Jeremy Good, along with Paramedics Tyler Carls, Ryan Baylor, and EMT Mike McGill with the Rochelle Fire Department arrived on scene. Lt Good took over care of Wyatt and was able to remove more of the blockage before he was transported to the hospital.The effective response of Ogle County Dispatcher Samantha Crawford, as well as the combined efforts of Deputy Kyle White and Lt Jeremy Good of the Rochelle Fire Department, saved the Wyatt's life. Congratulations on a job well done!Brian Van Vickle, SheriffDanielle Hardesty, Chief Deputy

2023 Deputy of the Year

Deputy Kyle White, Ogle County Sheriff’s Office

2023 Correctional Officer of the Year

2023 Kankakee County Correctional Officers of the YearLife Saving –On October 18th, 2023, Inmate Jamel Cooper (CHI Fed) was housed in Flex B awaiting Trial on Federal charges out of the Northern District of Illinois for possession of weapons. Inmate Cooper is still here at JCDC.During his time out he made a phone call and was discussing problems with his case and issues at home with his family. After he hung up the phone, he told the Corrections Staff to get someone from mental health to come see him. Officer Harcar overheard this comment and told Officer Maldonado to keep an eye on him while Maldonado was doing a well-being check. Just as Inmate Cooper got to the top tier to return to his assigned cell, he attempted to tie a sheet around the railing and around his neck to jump over railing and attempt to kill himself. Officer Maldonado reacted quickly and held inmate Cooper stopping him from falling over the edge. Officer Harcar then responded and assisted with holding Cooper until help arrived. As help arrived, Officer Douglas relieved Officer Harcar and took control of Cooper's legs.This incident took all of 4 minutes, but if it was not for the teamwork of the entire JCDC staff (Medical and Corrections) this would have ended badly for all involved. Everyone responded to the scene with one thing in mind, help the officers that needed help and get everyone to safety. Officer Harcar, Officer Maldanado, and Officer Douglas all deserve this award due to the unselfish actions in saving Inmate Cooper's life.Mike Downey, Kankakee County SheriffChad Kolitwenzew, Jail Administrator

2023 Correctional Officers of the Year

CO Damien Maldanado, CO Jacqueline Harcar & CO Cameron Douglas, Kankakee County Sheriff’s Office

2023 Telecommunicator of the Year

2023 Kendall County Telecommunicator of the YearLife Saving –KenCom would like to nominate Jennette Welter-Fichtel for the Illinois Sheriff's Association TC of the Year Award. Jennette embodies what a great employee can and should strive to be. There are many reasons she merits recognition and is deserving of this award, and we could never list them all but would like to give a little insight into why we feel this way.Jennette was recently presented with a life-saving award at the Kendall County Association of Chiefs of Police's annual Respect for Law Banquet. This award was given to Jennette for her handling of a call in February of 2023. On that afternoon Jennette answered a 9-1-1 call from a distraught woman who told her that her fiancé was unconscious and that she didn't know what to do. The caller was understandably scared, confused, and panicked at the idea that her loved one may be slipping away from her. Jennette was able to use empathy, reassurance, and her wealth of knowledge and experience to get the caller to overcome her rising anxiety and focus on the patient. Through Jennette's very skillful questioning, she was able to determine that the patient was not having a seizure, not choking, and needed CPR. Once the need for CPR had been recognized, Jennette instructed the caller on how to get her fiancé off their bed, and onto the floor. When he was in position, she then directed the caller to give chest compressions to her fiancé. For the next six and a half minutes, Jennette stayed actively engaged with the caller, guiding the pace of the compressions, and motivating her to push through her exhaustion. One of the things that really stood out about this call was how masterfully Jennette was able to recognize when the caller's distress was peaking, and how during those moments she was able to keep the caller focused on helping her fiancé. Jennette was forward-thinking enough to obtain a garage code from the caller so that there would be no interruptions in compressions or delay in making entry when responders arrived on scene. Jennette stayed engaged with the caller providing directions until responders arrived and were able to take over. Undoubtedly, the man is alive today because of Jennette's quick thinking, skillful direction, and tenacity.While this call is an example of incredible skill and dedication, it is only one of many accomplishments that together are the reasons Jennette is deserving of this award. She is a great team member who possesses a wealth of knowledge that she is always willing to share with her colleagues. She provides backup and support without being prompted and is always professional and courteous. Both new and seasoned dispatchers as well as units in the field have benefited from her seemingly unending bank of knowledge.Jennette has also taken on the responsibility of maintaining Kencom's GIS. Mapping is a key component in dispatching and keeping our mapping up to date and accurate is paramount to both safety and efficiency in a 9-1-1 center. Jennette stays over her scheduled hours and comes in on her days off to complete the required updates that this role requires. The dedication she shows to this ongoing project is unmatched.As a whole Jennette embodies all the characteristics of a great dispatcher. She is dependable, compassionate, willing to help all who are in need and works diligently to help keep our community and first responders safe. After almost 29 years of dedicated service to this career, her hard work and effort has never wavered. Working next to her is a pleasure and having her as a coworker is a rewarding experience for all who are lucky enough to be a part of her team.Dwight Baird, Kendall County SheriffLynette Bergeron, Director of KenCom Communications

2023 Telecommunicator of the Year

Kendall County & KenCom – 911 Dispatcher Jennette Welter-Fichtel

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