Williamson County

404 N. Van Buren St., Marion, IL 62959

Sheriff Jeff Diederich

Year Elected: 2022  Years in Law Enforcement: 


Executive Assistant: Joy Snell
Chief Deputy: Robert Terry
Jail Administrator: Darren Farrell

County Population: 62000
Square Miles: 480

County Jail Address: 200 West Jefferson, Marion, IL 61959
Number of Jail Beds: 240
Jail Directions: Exit 54 from I-57 go east to State Rt. 37, turn right (south) and go to Jackson St. and turn left. Approx. three blocks the jail is on the top floor of the courthouse. 

Special Instructions: Call in advance. 

Sheriffs Elected From This County
From 1928 (Year ISA Established) To Present
This list includes only those Sheriffs elected to a 4 year term
1928-1930 Oren Coleman 1930-1934 G.J. Frick 1934-1938 Zollie Carter
1938-1942 Arleigh Wilkens 1942-1946 William Shannon 1946-1950 Lawrence Camelot
1950-1954 Ora Kirby 1954-1958 Carl E. Miller 1958-1962 Dean West
1962-1966 Carl E. Miller 1966-1970 Harold Farner 1970-1974 Russell Oxford
1974-1978 Russell Oxford 1978-1982 Jerald Kobler 1982-1986 Harry Spiller
1986-1990 Harry Spiller 1990-1994Russell Oxford 1994-1998 Dennis Presley
1998-2002 Tom Cundiff 2002-2006 Tom Cundiff 2006-2010 Tom Cundiff
2010-2014 Bennie Vick 2014-2022 Bennie Vick