Christian County

301 W. Franklin St., Taylorville, IL 62568

Sheriff Bruce Kettelkamp

Year Elected: 2010   Years in Law Enforcement: 44

Executive Assistant: Stacey Wood
Chief Deputy: James Baker
Jail Administrator: Cecil Polley

County Population: 33102
Square Miles: 709

County Jail Address: 301 W. Franklin St., Taylorville, IL 62568
Number of Jail Beds: 65
Jail Directions: Rt. 48 or Rt. 29 to main intersection at Park, Webster & Spresser Streets. Take Webster St. to S. Franklin The jail is located on the northeast corner of the intersection. 

Sheriffs Elected From This County
From 1928 (Year ISA Established) To Present
This list includes only those Sheriffs elected to a 4 year term
1928-1930 Daniel L. Dunbar 1930-1934 Charles H. Weineke 1934-1938 Edward Marvel
1938-1942 Virgil C. Ezra 1942-1946 Frank Trapp, Jr. 1946-1950 Elmer R. McWard
1950-1954 Leonard Norris 1954-1958 Armando Passoni 1958-1962 Andrew E. Marucco
1962-1966 James A. Secrest 1966-1970 Daris L. Boaden 1970-1974 Charles Marron
1974-1978 Daris L. Boaden 1978-1982 Daris L. Boaden 1982-1986 Jack Declerck
1986-1990 Charles L. Mahan 1990-1994 Richard Mahan 1994-1998 Richard Mahan
1998-2002 Robert Kindermann 2002-2006 Robert Kindermann 2006-2010 Robert Kindermann
2010-2014 Bruce Kettelkamp 2014-2018 Bruce Kettelkamp 2018-2022 Bruce Kettelkamp