Iroquois County

550 S. 10th Street, Watseka, IL 60970

Sheriff Clint Perzee

Year Elected: 2022   Years in Law Enforcement: 24


Executive Assistant: Sandy Drake
Chief Deputy: 
Jail Administrator: 

County Population: 30000
Square Miles: 1120

County Jail Address: 550 S. Tenth, Watseka
Number of Jail Beds: 33
Jail Directions: I-57 To Gilman ext and go East on Rt. 24 approx fifteen miles to Watseka. Continue ton Rt. 24, go through town to sign marked Iroquois County Offices and turn right. Jail will be on your left.

Elected From This County
From 1928 (Year ISA Established) To Present
This list includes only those Sheriffs elected to a 4 year term
1928-1930 Naman R. Tolle 1930-1934 Ernest L. Phelps 1934-1938 Phil M. Brown
1938-1942 Guy Redman 1942-1946 Phil M. Brown 1946-1950 Merle T. Wilmoth
1950-1954 Archie W. Krug 1954-1958 Merle T. Wilmoth 1958-1962 Phil M. Brown
1962-1966 Merle T. Wilmoth 1966-1970 Vernon E. Strough 1970-1974 Robert E. Sapp
1974-1978 Clarence E. Hedge 1978-1982 Clarence E. Hedge 1982-1986 Joseph Mathy
1986-1990 Joseph Mathy 1990-1994 Joseph Mathy 1994-1998 Joseph Mathy
1998-2002 Joseph Mathy 2002-2006 Eldon Sprau 2006-2010 Eldon Sprau
2010-2014 Derek Hagen 2014-2018 Derek Hagen 2018-2021 Derek Hagen