Adams County

521 Vermont, Quincy, IL 62301

Sheriff Anthony Grootens

Year Elected: 2022  Years in Law Enforcement: 


Executive Assistant:
Chief Deputy: Pat Frazier, Blue Richards
Jail Administrator: Brian Curran, Sue Hester

County Population: 65000

Square Miles: 870

County Jail Address: 521 Vermont, Quincy, IL 62301
Number of Jail Beds: 192
Jail Directions: I-72 to Broadway/104 Exit. Turn left and head West on Broadway, go to 6th and Broadway, the courthouse will be on the left side of the road. 

Special Instructions: N/A

Sheriffs Elected From This County
From 1928 (Year ISA Established) To Present
This list includes only those Sheriffs elected to a 4 year term
1928-1930 Kenneth A. Elmore 1930-1934 J.W. Jacobs 1934-1938 Ray Robertson
1938-1942 George Meyer, Jr. 1942-1946 Roy A. Peter 1946-1950 Otis Woodruff
1950-1954 Virgil H. Duesterhaus 1954-1958 Virgil H. Duesterhaus 1958-1962 John G. Fichter
1962-1966 Charles W. Proctor 1966-1970 John G. Fichter 1970-1974 Ralph Wiegmann
1974-1978 Robert E. Nall 1978-1982 Robert E. Nall 1982-1986 Robert E. Nall
1986-1990 Robert E. Nall 1990-1994 Robert E. Nall 1994-1998 Robert E. Nall
1998-2002 Brent Fischer 2002-2006 Brent Fischer 2006-2010 Brent Fischer
2010-2014 Brent Fischer

2014-2018 Brian VonderHaar

2018-2020 Brian VonderHaar