White County


Sheriff Randy Graves
108 North Main Cross
Carmi, IL 62821


Phone: (618) 382-5321
Fax: (618) 382-5323

Website: N/A
Email: sheriff@whitecounty-il.gov

Year Elected: Appointed 2021
Years of Law Enforcement: 31 

Executive Assistant: Sheila Jo Headlee
Chief Deputy: 
Jail Administrator: 

County Population: 16522
Square Miles: 512

County Jail Address: 108 North Main Cross, Carmi, Illinois 62821
Number of Jail Beds: 77
Jail Directions: Take IL Rt. 1 south off I-64 into Carmi. Stay on Rt. 1 until North Main Cross. Turn north. The jail is located next to the courthouse.
Special Instructions: There is an allwyway on south side of building. The sally port faces the alley.
Sheriffs Elected From This County From 1928 (Year ISA Established) To Present (this list includes only those Sheriffs elected to a 4 year term)
1928-1930 Jesse Grissom 1930-1934 Charles D. Gibbs 1934-1938 Chester A. Pyle
1938-1942 H. A. Thomas 1942-1946 Noel McCullough 1946-1950 Kenneth Cole
1950-1954 J. D. Griffith 1954-1958 Kenneth Cole 1958-1962 Norwood Proctor
1962-1966 Charles Frazier 1966-1970 Hayward Mobley 1970-1974 Roy Poshard, Jr.
1974-1978 Robert Duckworth 1978-1982 Robert Duckworth 1982-1986 Robert Duckworth
1986-1990 Robert Duckworth 1990-1994 Jerry O' Neal 1994-1998 Jerry O' Neal
1998-2002 Jerry O' Neal 2002-2006 Doug Maier 2006-2010 Doug Maier
2010-2014 Doug Maier 2014-2018 Doug Maier