Piatt County


Sheriff David Hunt
1216 Raymond Rd.
Monticello, IL 61856


Phone: (217) 762-7822
Fax: (217) 762-3200

Website: N/A
Email: d.hunt@sheriff.piattcounty.org

Year Elected: 2010
Years of Law Enforcement: 28

Executive Assistant: Jackie Carr
Chief Deputy: Mark Mackey
Jail Administrator: Karla Bell

County Population: 17000
Square Miles: 448

County Jail Address: 1216 Raymond Road, Monticello, Illinois 61856
Number of Jail Beds: 76
Jail Directions: Exit I-72 and proceed south on Market Street to Burnside Drive. Turn right at Pamida store. Turn left on Raymond Road.
Special Instructions: Sally port in rear. Public parking in front.
Sheriffs Elected From This County From 1928 (Year ISA Established) To Present (this list includes only those Sheriffs elected to a 4 year term)
1928-1930 Ernest E. Lindsley 1930-1934 W. H. Conaway 1934-1938 Ernest E. Lindsley
1938-1942 Paul B. Smith 1942-1946 Ernest E. Lindsley 1946-1950 Troy C. Bennett
1950-1954 Jason Ripperdan 1954-1958 Troy C. Bennett 1958-1962 Max G. Wileaver
1962-1966 Harold E. Peck 1966-1970 Max G. Wileaver 1970-1974 Harold E. Peck
1974-1978 Harold E. Peck 1978-1982 Forrest Sawlaw 1982-1986 Forrest Sawlaw
1986-1990 Forrest Sawlaw 1990-1994 Forrest Sawlaw 1994-1998 Forrest Sawlaw
1998-2002 Forrest Sawlaw 2002-2006 Robert Manint 2006-2010 Robert Manint
2010-2014 David Hunt 2014-2018 David Hunt