Kendall County


Sheriff Dwight Baird
1102 Cornell Lane
Yorkville, IL 60560


Phone: (630) 553-7500 

Fax: (630) 553-1972

Year Elected: 2014
Years of Law Enforcement: 29

Executive Assistant: Tracy Page
Undersheriff: Bobby Richardson
Jail Administrator: Jeanne Russo

County Population: 110000
Square Miles: 324

County Jail Address: 1102 Cornell Lane, Yorkville, Illinois 60560
Number of Jail Beds: 203
Jail Directions: Rt. 34 - 7/10 of a mile west of Rt. 47 to Cannonball Trail. Turn south on Cannonball Trail to John Street. Turn right (west) and you will see the Public Safety Center - south building on governmental complex.
Special Instructions: The sally port is on the southeast side of the Public Safety Center. There is an intercom (callbox) outside the left door where you can talk to the Corrections Division.
Sheriffs Elected From This County From 1928 (Year ISA Established) To Present (this list includes only those Sheriffs elected to a 4 year term)
1928-1930 C. T. Carlson 1930-1934 Martin Hextell 1934-1938 William A. Meier
1938-1942 Robert C. Woodard 1942-1946 William A. Maier 1946-1950 William E. Hayden
1950-1954 William C. Johnson 1954-1958 William A. Maier 1958-1962 Frank A. Willman
1962-1966 Oliver C. Mundwiller 1966-1970 Victor Frantz 1970-1974 Thomas N. Usry
1974-1978 Thomas N. Usry 1978-1982 Victor Frantz 1982-1986 Charles O. McDonald
1986-1990 Richard A. Randall 1990-1994 Richard A. Randall 1994-1998 Richard A. Randall
1998-2002 Richard A. Randall 2002-2006 Richard A. Randall 2006-2010 Richard A. Randall
2010-2014 Richard A. Randall 2014-2018 Dwight Baird