Kankakee County


Sheriff Michael Downey
3000 S. Justice Way
Kankakee, IL 60901


Phone: (815) 802-7100
Fax: (815) 802-7101

Website: www.kankakeecountysheriff.com
Email: mdowney@k3county.net

Year Elected: 2016 Appointed
Years of Law Enforcement: 

Executive Assistant: Gerri Suddeth
Chief Deputy: Kenneth McCabe
Jail Administrator: Chad Kolitwenzew

County Population: 103833
Square Miles: 684

County Jail Address: 3050 S. Justice Way, Kankakee, Illinois 60901
Number of Jail Beds: 708
Jail Directions: All bookings and transfers are at the airport jail. I-57 exit at M.M. 308. Go south on Rt. 45-52 approx. 1/2 mile to 1st road on east side. Go east to T intersection and turn left. Jail and administration are approx. 1/2 mile on the right.
Special Instructions: The jail sally port is on the east side of the complex. Use the north entrance door on the north sally port. Use intercom to identify yourself and the overhead door will be opened. Pull the vehicle inside the sally port to lead and unload prisoners.
Sheriffs Elected From This County From 1928 (Year ISA Established) To Present (this list includes only those Sheriffs elected to a 4 year term)
1928-1930 William Riley 1930-1934 Albert Goodknecht 1934-1938 Landers B. Rogers
1938-1942 Daniel E. Bergen 1942-1946 Cecil D. Duguay 1946-1950 Eugene Lafontaine
1950-1952 Eugene Lafontaine 1954-1956 A. M. Monahan 1958-1960 James Laffey
1962-1964 J. L. Marcotte 1966-1968 James W. Laffey 1970-1974 Thomas W. Maass
1974-1978 Larry Hildebrand 1978-1982 William Scroggins 1982-1986 William Scroggins
1986-1990 Bernie C. Thompson 1990-1994 Bernie C. Thompson 1994-1998 Bernie C. Thompson
1998-2002 Tim Bukowski 2002-2006 Tim Bukowski 2006-2010 Tim Bukowski
2010-2016 Tim Bukowski 2016-2018 Mike Downey